Strengthening Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EFTP) - 2011-2013

The programme of Strengthening Technical and Vocational Education and training (EFTP) aims to contribute to: "Better opportunities for high school graduates to pursue higher studies and / or be inserted into the working world", this is relevant for the country because the development vision which involves:

"... a Vocational Technical Education System... closely connected with the education system and adapted to the job demands... prerequisite for reducing the gap between education and employment; and to alleviate the frustration of large groups of young people who are not working on their training. This also will boost the country's economic development and facilitate the social mobility of young people, as well as reducing inequality." (Educational Goals "La educación que queremos para la generación de los Bicentenarios")

The specific purpose of the programme, says: "The courses offered by technical schools are strengthened by the update of curriculum and the offer of better integration with the labor market", an objective which aims to "...improve the professional competences of young people educated in technical high schools and a strong link between education and technical vocational training, strengthening the business practices, in response to the urgent need for educational projects to suit the needs and interests of young people."

This programme operates nationally.